Pedway mapandlegend

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A concourse-level Pedway provides a weather protected pedestrian connection to the downtown underground walking system. The Pedway provides immediate covered access from/to 120 North LaSalle and neighboring City/County Buildings, courts, public transportation and train stations, retail stores and hotels throughout the central business district. The concourse-level underground walkway connection at the 120 North LaSalle Street Building links the building to all downtown-area federal, state and city offices and to the CTA and Metra public transportation stations, as well as buildings as far east as the Prudential Building. The 120 North LaSalle Street pedway extension, developed after the building was constructed, helps support several retailers along the pedway system.

Development of the Pedway began in 1951, when the City of Chicago built one-block tunnels connecting the Red Line and Blue Line subways at Washington Street and Jackson Boulevard. Since then, both public and private investment have expanded the Pedway and the system of underground tunnels and overhead bridges links more than 40 blocks in the Central Business District, covering roughly five miles.